Kok Boru and Kyrgyz Traditional Games Festival

Experience the excitement at the Kyrgyz Traditional Games Festival where you will discover the exhilarating sport of Kok Boru! It is a game where two competing teams of horse-mounted players attempt to place a dead goat or calf carcass in a goal. This festival is popular and full of energy. If you want to experience something local and traditional, this is for you!

Kok Boru Kyrgyz Traditional Games Festival - Trio of horse riders

Departure dates 2021

Saturday 23rd May
Saturday 20th June
Saturday 11th July
Saturday 1st August
Saturday 22nd August
Saturday 12th September

2-Day Itinerary

Day 1:

Depart Bishkek to Talas. Lunch on arrival in a homestay. Visit Manas Ordo, a sacred Burial site of a Kyrgyz Hero. Dinner & Overnight in a homestay.

Day 2:

Depart after breakfast to the festival. Festival is from 10 am to 4pm. Lunch/Dinner is on-site. Depart back to Bishkek. Arrive around 10pm.

Kok Boru Kyrgyz Traditional Games Festival - Woman horse rider



It costs 6,500 som per person.

The cost includes: a tour guide, transportation there and back, meals as per itinerary, accommodation in a homestay, entrance to the festival, and museum entrance fee.

Note: Minimum of 10 people is required to sign up to have the tour.

To book a place at this festival, please book at Apple Hostel reception.

You can also contact us via

E-mail: applehostelkg@gmail.com 

What’s App: +996 553 280 881