Shamshy to Songkol Lake – 10 Day Horseriding Tour

Become a nomad when riding a horse from Shamshy to Songkol Lake via the highest mountain passes, fast stream rivers, endless valleys, thick forests and blooming flowers.

Did you know? When kept as a talisman, a horseshoe is said to bring good luck. Locals hang it with the ends pointing upwards, as it is said to act as a storage container for any good luck that happens to be floating by, whereas to hang it with the ends pointing down brings bad luck as all the good luck might fall out. So feel the nomadic spirit, find your horse shoe and eventually become a nomad!

Shamshy to Songkol
Shamshy to Songkol
Shamshy to Songkol
Shamshy to Songko
Shamshy to Songko


  • Day 1: Transfer to the start of the trek. Horseriding from Shamshy valley – Shamshy gorge so called due to the fast rivers that make the sound: “Shshshsh…”  and helps you blend it with nature. Camping in tents.
  • Day 2: Horseriding from Shamshy gorge  –  Shamshy pass via dense forests. Camping at 2980 m.
  • Day 3: Horseriding further up Shamshy pass to 3500 m to cross another pass and finally down to Saralasaz pasture at the heart of which we set up our tents.
  • Day 4: Horseriding from Saralasaz pasture – Karakol valley where you would see plenty of grazing cattle and raising their heads occasionally at the passing travelers. Camping at 2500m.
  • Day 5: Horseriding further to Buchuk pass (3400 m) On the way you might see wild goats and Central Asian eagles floating in the sky. Camping in tents.
  • Day 6: Horseriding to Sandyk pass at 3540 m and down to Jumgal valley. Camping in a yurt near Kyzart pass at 2664 m.
  • Day 7: Horseriding from Zhumgal valley through Chaar Archa pass at 2900 m to Kilemche valley. Camping in a yurt near Tuz Ashuu pass at 2500m.
  • Day 8: Horseriding from Kilemche valley through Jalgyz Karagai pass at 3400m to  Songkol lake (3000 m). Camping in a yurt camp.
  • Day 9: Songkol lake. Horseriding/hiking near the lake. Camping in a yurt camp.
  • Day 10: Horseriding from Songkol lake – Tulpar Tash  – Kyzart village. Depart after lunch on your own.

Tour Cost

Nr. of persons: price
2: 203 200 s 5: 414 700 s
3: 276 600 s 6: 446 300 s
4: 323 900 s

Including: A guide, a horse guide, horse rental, food during the trek, camping equipment, transporting horses to the start of the trek, transporting passengers from Bishkek to the start of the trek.
Not included: Transport from Kyzart back to Bishkek.
Duration: 10 days and 9 nights


  • trekking boots/gaiters,
  • weatherproof warm clothes
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • rain coat

You can rent any equipment you might need directly from us.

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